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Dark Roast vs. Light Roast

Many of us normally ran into a local coffee spot during our morning routine but now we've been forced to make our own morning coffee.

With so many selections to choose from, how do we know which roast is for you?

The coffee you grab during the hustle and bustle is most likely a medium roast. A Colombian coffee is the go to coffee for many coffeehouses, cafes and large coffee chains but when we become the barista at home, the brew that fills our cup becomes our selection. And in a wide world of single origins and blends and flavors, where do we start?

First question to ask yourself ... do you want a coffee high in caffeine? Or are we a fan of something more bold?

Many tend to jump to the dark side in pursuit of that heart racing, stay up for days, cup of coffee, BUT the truth is, the darker the roast the less amount of caffeine in your cup.

During the roasting process water (& caffeine) are removed from the beans the longer they're over heat. So if you're looking for that morning jolt, we recommend you go lighter. Much, much lighter.

Our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is our most popular roast and it’s not just because of its winy, berry undertones, distinct floral tones or its intense and complex flavor ... it’s because of its CAFFEINE content.

If you enjoy a deep, dark, bold cup we highly recommend our Papua New Guinea. Coffee from Papua New Guinea is pretty different from other areas around it. The typical flavor profile is quite distinct from the earthy and spicy flavors of beans found just a few islands to the West. The Papua island’s stunningly fertile soil tends to produce beans that have a crisp citrus acidity and are rich with flavors of chocolate and tropical fruits.

As for the question of which is really better, dark or light roast, that’s truly a matter of personal preference for the coffee drinker. For those dark roast haters out there who say a darker roast masks the true taste of the bean or tastes burnt, well, we beg to differ.

If a dark roast tastes only like char, then it is a poorly executed roast. Does it taste like coffee — fruity, spicy, chocolaty, nutty — as well as burnt-sugar sweet? Bingo.

So what roast is YOUR favorite?


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