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Reverie | rev·er·ie - /ˈrev(ə)rē/ :

a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream

We're a coffee & tea company focus on freshness and quality; responsibly sources and locally grown when possible.

Growing up our mother always talked about her dream of opening a bed and breakfast. She liked the idea of meeting new people and giving them a place to relax with great food and great service.

Sadly her dream never become a reality and as we healed from her unexpected early passing, we struggled with the right way to honor her memory. We thought about opening a bed and breakfast but we just couldn't find the right location.

Then one day on a whim we drove down Front Street. For as many years as we've lived in the area, we've never turned down that road. But that day, something said "turn here" and so we did.

We arrived upon a great little building in the heart of a small little town. The landlord was actually there to show someone else the spot but we jumped on the opportunity as quick as we could as we knew this was the place we'd been looking for!

Our idea of a bed and breakfast transformed into a coffeehouse with a twist!

We met so many amazing people, watched families grow and helped create lasting memories with each coffee, meal and musical Sunday Brunch in the 4 years Reverie resided at 21 Front Street.

We came, we saw, we cooked food and then wanted to start a family!

After many years of missing time with family, especially my son, we decided to close Reverie's door in Patterson in July 2019 with plans to evolved into what we are today! An online coffee & tea company with local roots!

We have a local production space, our products can be found in local farms stores (always expanding) and you can find us weekly at the areas farmers markets!

We always looking to grow our coffee brand and welcome partnerships!

We also offer wholesale or full coffee (and/or) tea solutions for your business!

From our family to yours, thank you for the support! <3


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