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Add Some Reverie to your Event or Party!

Catering Menu

All catering requests are on a first come, first served basis. If we are unable to accommodate your event, we will attempt to set up an alternative date/time. 

Cambro Rentals
Includes cups, milk + cream, sugar variety
Hot Coffee or Cold Brew // Stays hot/cold for 8-10hrs
2.5 Gallon (serves 48 cups) | $65.00
5 Gallon (serves 96 cups) | $120.00
10 Gallon (serves 192 cups) | $220.00
Espresso Bar
Let us bring the coffeehouse to you!
Includes craft espresso drinks, drip coffee, cold brew + more!
(Minimum 2hours // 50 participants)
Hot Chocolate Bar
Includes several fixings, flavors, toppings to make your own creations!
(Minimum 2hours // 50 participants)
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