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Matcha Tea & Natural Apple Cinnamon Flavor


Our silky powdered matcha, scented with natural apple cinnamon flavor, is like drinking Apple Jacks Cereal with the grownup twist of the finest Japanese matcha tea. We suggest 1 tsp. matcha to 8 oz of hot water in a bowl. Whisk in the traditional style, quickly drawing a W to form a pale green foam on top of the dark green tea. Or whirl in a blender with 1 tsp. matcha, ice and 4-6 oz milk to refreshing frothiness. With water or milk, (cow or plant,) sweetened with stevia or honey.


Matcha, the focal point of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, is a fine powder made by grinding green tea leaves. Only the finest, young, shade-grown gyokuro tea leaves are used to create matcha. The leaves are plucked and laid out flat to dry. Veins are removed and the leaves, now called tencha, are carefully ground in granite mills until they become the precious powder.


Easy preparation is achieved by placing 1 teaspoon of matcha per cup (or to taste) in a cup, adding a few drops of hot water (160-180F) and stirring with a spoon until a paste forms. Add the rest of the water and stir. Our matcha comes from Uji, Kyoto, Japan, and is a first harvest, spring tea. A Samidori cultivar, it is considered a high grade for everyday consumption.


This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 170° for 2 minutes.

Matcha Cinnamon Apple

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