We found that simply pouring our hot coffee over ice left us with a harsh bitterness that we just had to fix. Our cold brew process enables us to preserve more of the coffee bean's pure, rich flavor while keeping acid content low. You're left with a strong concentrated coffee—rich, buttery smooth drink that is perfect served over ice or can even be enjoyed hot.


With a caffeine content that can be almost four times higher than your average cup of Joe, it'll surely keep you going. Each cold brew batch is carefully hand-crafted and brewed in a temperature controlled environment for a full 18-24 hours, then double filtered.

We spare no expense in our ingredients either.  Our signature blend is made of only the freshest locally roasted, hand-selected, certified organic & fair-trade coffee beans thanks to Bear Mountain Coffee Roasters in Mahopac, crystal clear, cold purified water and a whole lot of love.  

No unnecessary ingredients—ever.  


For our flavored cold brew, the process is the same. The flavors are added to the beans as oils & extracts so there are no additional sugars added.


It's a painstaking process, but we're pretty sure that this will be some of the best coffee you've ever had.


Stop in the caffe and grab a cup today, or head to the closest retail location and grab a bottle to go!